P A R K E R  a n d  P A R K E R  A R T
Ronald K. Parker

Ronald Parker is a man of many talents and accomplishments.  He studied at Vanderbilt University where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology.  For a number of years he taught psychology (Florida State University and The Graduate Center of The City University of New York).  Licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in two states, Dr. Parker also practiced
as a therapist.

After his academic years, Parker became CEO of an international consulting company with clients in Iran, Nigeria, Europe and North America.

During his late thirties, Parker entered the art world as President of a NASDAQ listed art company.  Two years later, he established Dyansen Galleries, which he took public (NASDAQ) within three years.

Throughout Parker’s adult life he enjoyed drawing, painting and sculpting.  Additionally, he found time to be a nationally syndicated columnist, an author of one book and fifteen monographs and a performance artist (“Love Lessons” and “Lies”).

One of the most unusual things Parker has done was to create “Parker People.”  As a psychologist, Parker is a keen observer of people.  “Parker People” are a series of paintings and mixed-media drawings (on various substrates) which explore people’s private thoughts, dreams, fantasies and fears.  Parker’s inspirations for these “people” are the people around him who he watches and carefully listens to.

“Parker People” have been called “The Far Side” with humans and always “off-center, but on-target.”  Parker expresses his observations and his beliefs in paint and in words on canvas, paper and porcelain.  “Parker People” have been called “ribald, risqué, politically incorrect, iconoclastic and irreverent.”  Others have noted that “Parker People” represent “life affirming art” when Parker profiles the more positive aspects of humanity.

Adding text to “Parker People” makes them more interesting because it speaks directly to the viewer.  Sardonic, satirical, humorous, literate, inspiring are some of the words used to characterize “Parker People.”  Marshall Lee, NY publisher, called the works “…mordantly funny…and provocative.  The drawings are combined with words in various ways; together they bite.  The bites range from shy nibbles to shark-like chomps.  Parker’s drawings are unique and powerful.”

One critic called “Parker People”…”mysteriously satisfying and simply elegant.”  Another wrote, “Drawing is a difficult art which few ever master.  Ron Parker does just that.”

During the last five years, Parker has explored The Art of Words (text) ranging from interesting or provocative quotes embedded in a painting or just a single word with an interesting composition and complimentary colors.

His paintings of words and symbols enhance the visual image and stimulate thought.  Parker’s recent Columns Museum exhibition presented
37 American flags, “Old Glory, New Story.”  This wide-ranging interpretation
of the symbol of patriotism went from detailed realism to total abstractions to illustrate the changing nature of America.  Most recently, he created a contemporary interpretation of a symbol for Justice.

Parker’s sculpture may be divided into three categories:  Alpha, bas relief and bronze.  Alpha sculptures take something familiar - the alphabet or words - and defamiliarizes it into a fresh and different format.  The bas relief sculptures are assemblages of carefully selected objects.  His bronze sculptures have been favorably compared to Archipenko in their simplified, stylized form.

Parker’s drawings, paintings and sculpture have been exhibited throughout America and in Paris.