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Li Shuang

Li Shuang’s works testify to her painful personal and artistic journey.  She grew up in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution within a family of intellectuals.  Her early childhood artistic development was influenced by her grandfather, a dealer in Chinese antiques, books and art.

Upon graduating from high school in 1976, Li Shuang was sent to work with her fellow graduates as a peasant farmer for two years in the countryside near Beijing.  To escape from the daily routine of physical labor, she began to paint.

After her return to Beijing in 1979, Li worked as a stage designer for the Chinese National Youth Art Theatre.  She emigrated to France in 1983 where she lives with her husband and two sons.

In 1979, together with six artist friends, Shuang founded the Stars Group, an assembly of untrained, experimental artists who challenged the strict tenants of Chinese politics.  As a political and artistic group, they staged exhibitions around Beijing making way for avant-garde art in China.  Li Shuang was the only female artist founder of the Stars.  Li exhibited in both the historic shows of 1979 and 1980.  Her works were featured in all the Stars Group shows, The Stars:  Ten Years, 1989 (Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong and Taipei), Demand for Artistic Freedom, The Stars 20 Years, 2000 (Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo) and the retrospective exhibition in Beijing in 2007:  Origin Point (Today Art Museum, Beijing).

Li Shuang believes Chinese art is a spiritual movement of the heart - Chinese paintings come from the heart, while Western paintings concentrate on the scene.

As the French critic, Michel Nuridsany, wrote:  “While the Chinese art world is going through a phase of unrestrained modernity, Li Shuang’s oeuvre is striking for its lack both of contemporary references and of all sense of febrile haste and by its intensity.  This is because her art developed separately from the Chinese context, which encouraged a style of painting which reached its apogee in 1999-2000 - a style which in no way reflected her own experiences.  Her strongest advantage has been her silence.  Her aura.  But first and foremost, her admirable sense of light.”

Li Shuang began showing her work in China as early as 1979 at the Stars exhibit at the Huafangzhai Gallery in Beijing.  Her paintings have appeared in various exhibitions worldwide, including San Francisco, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.  Her 2007 exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai were a homecoming of sorts, as she has not displayed her work in China since her 1983 emigration from the country.  Li Shuang has 31 solo exhibitions and 66 group shows to her credit.  Her works have received international acclaim, and they have been collected by many museums in the world, including Epernay Museum, Saone National Museum and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.
Li Shuang 20 x 26