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Lucien Dulfan
Born in 1942, Lucien Dulfan lived in Odessa, Ukraine.  He graduated from Odessa State Art Academy in 1963.  He has been a member of the Union of Soviet Artists since 1973.  Dulfan has participated in 141 exhibitions, including 111 international shows and 40 solo exhibitions worldwide.  Since 1990, he lives and works in Manhattan, New York, USA.

1977 ~ First prize for painting, awarded by the Ministry of Culture, USSR and the Union of Soviet Artists (The most prestigious recognition awarded in the presiding fifty years of Soviet history).
2007 ~ NoMAA Grant Program Award for the production of My Family, 10-12 large-scale paintings that will complete series Big Bang - Last Straw, an existing body of work of 22 paintings.  Series explores “pre-creational space” - space without horizons where true freedom is found in falling, the future sends messages to the present, and the dead return to life without God’s participation.

Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia ~ Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia ~ Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea ~ Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutger’s University, New Brunswick, NJ ~ Ministry of Culture, Moscow, Russia ~ Museum of Art, Kiev, Ukraine ~ Museum of Art, Warsaw, Poland ~ Museum of Art, Poznan, Poland ~ Odessa State Museum of Art, Ukraine ~ Museum of Art, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia ~ Museum of Art, Poti, Republic of Georgia ~ Kyrgyz State Museum of Art, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic ~ National Museum, Voronezh, Russia ~ Kharkov Museum, Kharkov, Ukraine ~ Ochakov Art Museum, Ukraine ~ Odessa Municipal Museum of A. Bletchunoff, Ukraine ~ Norton & Nancy Dodge Collection of Russian & Soviet Non-Conformist Art ~ Kostakis Collection, Greece ~ Bob Guccione Jr., New York City ~ Renaldo Rotto Collection, Genoa, Italy ~ Ronald Parker Collection, US ~ Elena Kornetchuck Private Collection, Pennsylvania, US ~ Patricia Sutherland Private Collection, New York, US ~ Hillary & James Benard Private Collection, New York, US ~ Dr. Waleed Ahmad Al-Busairi, Private Collection, Kuwait ~ Maxim Shostakowich, Conductor, Private Collection ~ Mikhail Filimonov, Alexandra Global Investment Fund, Private Collection ~ George Robinson, Founder of the Nurture Art Foundation, Private Collection ~ Lord Chris J. Patten, Member of Parliament, UK, Oxford University Chancellor, Private Collection ~ Andrey Voznesensky, Russian Poet, Private Collection ~ Mikhail Ulyanov, Russian Actor, Private Collection ~ Sergey Yursky, Russian Actor, Private Collection ~ Leonide Bazhanov, Director of the Modern Art Center, Moscow, Russia ~ Gallina Nechitaylo, Academician, Advisor on Science of President of Russian Federation

2008 ~ Q.B. Gallery, New York
2008 ~ K.B. Gallery, New York
2007 ~ Longstreth Goldberg Gallery, Naples, FL
2005 ~ International Images Gallery, Sewickley, PA
2005 ~ Galeria Tau, Tarragona, Spain
2005 ~ Vernacular Press Gallery, 560 Broadway, New York
2004 ~ 7th Floor Gallery, Soho, New York
2004 ~ Dobro Fine Art, New York
2003 ~ Gale Gates Gallery, New York
2002 ~ Caesarea Gallery, Boca Raton, FL
2001 ~ “MIGDAL” International Center of Jewish Community Programs with
              support of “Joint” the exhibition in Odessa State Museum of Art
2001 ~ Camino Real Gallery, Boca Raton, FL
2001 ~ Ken Elias Gallery, Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL
2001 ~ Belenky Brothers Gallery, Soho, New York
2000 ~ Zalman Gallery, 57th Street, New York
2000 ~ Zenit Gallery, Washington, DC
1999 ~ Paul Edelstein Gallery, Memphis, TN

“World’s End:  The Pre-millennium Tension of Russian Artist Lucien Dulfan,” Spin. February 1997