P A R K E R  a n d  P A R K E R  A R T
Jean-Paul Donadini
Jean Paul Donadini is a French painter who was born in Troyes, France, on December 30, 1951.  He studied at the Beaux Arts de Troyes from 1968 to 1971.  Then he studied at the Beaux Arts in Nancy, France, from 1971 to 1973 and achieved his training at the Beaux Arts in Paris in 1976.  Since then, he has had many personal exhibitions in France and abroad (Germany, Japan, USA, Canada and Netherlands).

Donadini is a refined aesthete.  He is excited by the perfection of form in the natural world.  The culmination of his line is an undulation of movement of fragile and fleeting beauty.  His translation of the natural beauty of wildlife and flora mark him as a master of this pictorial poetry.  A silence and awe surrounds his work - precious, sensual and soft.  His refined technique is well suited to capture the plasticity of his favorite themes - swans, flowers and moving forms.  These curved forms excite the viewer; they engage the viewer, and they please the viewer.


1974     ~ Kunsthalle, Darmstadt
1978     ~ Guilde Graphique, Montreal
1979     ~ Seasons Galleries, La Haye, Galerie Husstege-Stelman, Hertogenbosch
1980     ~ Artexpo, New York
                Windsor and Eton Fine Arts, Windsor
                Galerie “Au Point du Jour”, Troyes
1981     ~ Artexpo, New York
                Privileg-Club, Baden-Baden
1982     ~ “The Editors” Galerie, Munich
                Galerie Graphik Berr, Munich
                Galerie “Au Point du Jour”, Troyes
1983     ~ Seasons Galleries, La Haye   
1984     ~ Galerie Ricklingen, Hanovre, Galerie Vanuxem, Paris
                Art Expo, Dallas
1985     ~ Galerie Saint-Domique, Lyon
                Galerie Idees, Troyes
                Galerie de la Malle Poste, Rouen
1986     ~ Fiest, Paris
                Galerie Vanuxem, Paris
1987     ~ 2002 - Various international exhibitions and art fairs, including:
                            Galerie Graphik Berr, Munich, Saga, Paris and New York
                            Galerie Guidat, Cannes
                            Art Miami
                            Art Palm Springs
2003     ~ Galerie du Levant
2004     ~ Galerie 26
2005     ~ Galerie 26


2002     ~ Autour d’un editeur:  Bacon, Balthus, Barthes, Donadini, Etaix,
                Morel, Sempe a Montceau
2003     ~ Archimbaud, 20 ans d’edition:  Bacon, Balthus, Chambas, Kundera a Uzes

Swan Duet
Swan Duet
Lithograph  19.75" x 25.75"
Edition of 123
Two Roosters
Two Roosters
Lithograph  30" x 22"