P A R K E R  a n d  P A R K E R  A R T
Kinuko Craft
Kinuko Craft was born in Japan in l940 and spent her childhood in the small town of Kanemaru, in central Honshu.  She took an interest in drawing and painting at a young age and spent most of her free time sketching in the forests and hills surrounding her home.
After graduating from high school, Craft attended the Kanazawa Municipal College of Fine and Industrial Arts, where she studied fine art, illustration and commercial design.  She received her bachelor's of fine art degree in l962 and, two years later, traveled to the United States to study at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Disappointed with the school's curriculum, Craft put her studies aside to work in the Art department of accounting firm Arthur Anderson.

After gaining some experience, Craft agreed to work for two commercial art studios, Handelan Pederson and Stevens Biondi DiCicco.  Working for both firms simultaneously enabled her to learn the business aspects of running a commercial art studio as well as unique ways to apply her varied skills.

While on assignment with Stevens Biondi DiCicco, Playboy magazine offered Craft an opportunity to create an editorial illustration.  This initial offer not only was the beginning of Craft's lasting relationship with Playboy; it motivated her to start a career as a freelance artist.
Once Craft decided to work as a freelancer, an endless flow of assignments followed.  Initially, she was commissioned by book and magazine publishers; however, her range of clients expanded over the years to include major advertising and packaging clients. The variety of clients and assignments gave her the opportunity to work with nearly every popular medium available.  Oil on canvas, watercolor, gouache, egg tempera and pen and ink were all media with which she created new, inspiring works.
Since establishing herself as a freelance artist in l969, Craft has been represented by an agent.  She feels that her time is best spent at the drawing board or easel where her skills are at their best.  After several pleasant relationships with agents, Craft met Fran Seigel, with whom she formed a business agreement that remains in effect today. Craft has received numerous awards for her work by organizations such as the Society of Publication Designers, the International Editorial Design Competition the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Communication Arts Magazine, the Society of Publication Design, the Society of Illustrators, the Art Director's Club and Graphics Design: USA.
Mysterious Beauty
Mysterious Beauty
37" x 30"
Edition 300/60 AP