P A R K E R  a n d  P A R K E R  A R T
Roger Bezombes
(1913 - 1994)

Bezombes has a very extensive entry in Benezit, the most important dictionary of artists.  He was a student at the Ecole des Beaux Arte beginning in 1934.  In 1936, he was the recipient of a prize which enabled him to travel to Africa where he was greatly influenced by the bold colors of the tribesmen.  In the same year, he won the prestigious Grand Prix artists’ prize in Rome. 

Roger Bezombes was a follower of the influential artist Maurice Denis and, in the late 1930’s, his work began to refer heavily to the geniuses of Gaugin, Van Gogh and Matisse.  While he won many prizes and awards for his vivid paintings, none were more important than the Grand Prix National (1946) and the Hallmark Prize (1949).

Professionally, he served as Secretary General of the French Orientalists, official painter for the French Navy, professor at the Jullian Academy in Paris and a member of the Science of Overseas.

Bezombes was an inveterate traveler and absorbed other cultures’ art like a sponge.  These worldly travels obviously influenced his style and subject matter in many ways.  In the 1950’s, he traveled to Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece, Crete, Israel, Africa and the United States.

The innovative art of Roger Bezombes has been shown in over 30 countries and in over 200 exhibitions.  Bezombes works were regularly exhibited in Paris at The Salon d’ Automne, The Salon des Artistes Independents and The Tuileries.  His work has been shown in galleries and museums in France, international art centers in Europe, the Middle East, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens, Istanbul, Ankara, Africa, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Japan and America.

Bezombes was the definition of the “French artist” as we know it today:  passionate, driven and always involved creatively in life.  These qualities are abundantly evident in his art, and for that reason, Bezombe’s art continues to be highly desirable and collected widely.

Paris:  National Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Modern Art of the Town of Paris, Carnavalet Museum, Museum of the Art Schools, National Library of France, Library of the Arsenal, Museum of the Currency, National Museum of the Navy, Collections of the Sate Museum of Island-of-France, Museum of Seals
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Abroad:  Museum of Algiers, Savo Gran de Brazza, Museum of Oran, Art Gallery of Athens, Foundation Carnegie (USA) and Museum of Utrecht

Monumental ceramics frontage for the Bank of Tunisia.
Africa, tapestry for the Hall of Honor of the French House of the World Fair
of Brussels (1958).
Versailles Apartment for the famous cruise ship “Ille de France”; Decoration
for “France”; Mural decoration for the National Navy with Saint Mandrier;
Monumental Aubusson Tapestries for the French House of the States
of Overseas, Paris.
Wall covering of 150 m2 Music, Room of the Philharmonic Orchestra, House of Radio France.
Series of medals published by the Mint and Medals of France.
Continuation of 16 posters created for Air France, exhibited at the Center George Pompidou
Posters and medals for Filex France

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