Fantasia Study
Magical Mystery
Truly Banana
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Jennifer is a young artist with "old soul" talent.  Bauser's painting theme can be described in one word - sensuous.  Whether painting the undulating curves of a woman's body or painting a luscious oversized fruit, one knows that this young artist has few equals in capturing the sensuous qualities of life.
Jennifer Bauser has completed a series of megafruits: apples, pears, peaches, etc.  The fruits of her labors, however, go well beyond fruit.  She is neither interested in using fruit in conventional still life compositions or in trying to paint them realistically.  Words are completely inadequate to describe the end result.  Yes, these are sensuous paintings.  Yes, there is an expressiveness to them that allows us to envision the imaginative person who painted them.  But there is more.  There is also a serenity and a mystery to these paintings.
These works have a Ying/Yang quality to them.  Her energetic use of intense colors grabs the viewer instantly.  Bauser's power, confident use of color coupled with the richness of oil paints captivate you visually and emotionally.  On the other hand, after the initial viewing, one is deeply moved by the serene quality of these works.  Her perfect compositions and absolutely harmonious colors result in mixed media works which are superbly beautiful.  Any environment is enriched and calmed by the presence of a Bauser.
Jennifer Bauser's painting of sensuous and beautiful fruit have plenty of mystery and much to be revealed over time.  These works are alive; the polychromatic oils are layered; they are thinned to create sensuous dreamy washes where one color effortlessly flows into another.  This art engages you.  You like it.  It is beautiful.  These paintings remain exciting and interesting upon repeated viewing.  Indeed, each one look better over time because now you begin to study the details and marvel at each little painting within the painting.  You may suddenly "see" something that you had never "seen" before.

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